Sales Manager by day, Podcaster and Coach by night, Josh embodies the necessary mindset and work ethic needed to create the life millennials want  but don't know how to get.


  • What fishing boats, sharks and losing $50 000 have in common

  • Sphere of influence; creating the community and environment for your success. Teamwork makes the dream work

  • Building a sense of direction and purpose and the changes you need to make to ensure your life goes to plan

  • Self Reliance; Building self confidence in a society of hand holding

  • Coming of age; transition from boyhood to manhood and why we all need it

  • Taking responsibility for our own reality. Nobody's coming to save you

"I know the difference between an unprepared guest and someone who’s done their research. As an interviewer and salesman I can guarantee you’ll get 110%

When you win, I win, it’s as simple as that.


Would it be a crazy idea to collaborate?"



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