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Your Next Speaker


"Understanding the challenge of getting an entertaining yet impactful guest, I have put together this quick summary to help make your decision easier..."


Sales Manager by day, Podcaster and Coach by night, Josh embodies the necessary mindset and work ethic needed to create the life millennials want  but don't know how to get.


  • What fishing boats, sharks and losing $50 000 have in common

  • Sphere of influence; creating the community and environment for your success. Teamwork makes the dream work

  • Building a sense of direction and purpose and the changes you need to make to ensure your life goes to plan

  • Self Reliance; Building self confidence in a society of hand holding

  • Coming of age; transition from boyhood to manhood and why we all need it

  • Taking responsibility for our own reality. Nobody's coming to save you

"I know the difference between an unprepared guest and someone who’s done their research. As an interviewer and salesman I can guarantee you’ll get 110%

When you win, I win, it’s as simple as that.


Would it be a crazy idea to collaborate?"


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